Enterprise Level Calibration Management System

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See the cutting-edge features in CMS that will address your calibration lab’s challenges and opportunities with flexibility and insight.

Calibration Management System (CMS)

The CMS module is a web-based, enterprise-level laboratory information management system used to manage and track M&TE assets across your enterprise, while providing integrated and comprehensive workflow management for your organization’s calibration laboratories. CMS simplifies compliance with laboratory quality management systems and supports the traceability and audit requirements of quality and accreditation standards.

CMS provides comprehensive analytical and reporting tools that allow transparency and management oversight. CMS is highly configurable and adaptable to any organization’s calibration management processes.

Advanced features include customizable dashboards that provide real-time, enterprise-level information for management review; a customer portal that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and a mobile application that puts critical information about your M&TE assets in the palm of your hand.


Intuitive User Interface

CMS designed with a consistent user interface where most forms look and operate in a similar fashion, making the program intuitive and easy to use.



Robust Organizational Structure Management

The CMS enterprise organization management function provides a graphical tree-view of your organization that can be configured to include all of the relevant entities within your organization, such as business units and calibration facilities. This function provides the ability to configure METBENCH to conform to your organizational structure, making it possible to grant or limit access and easily configure user permissions within the organization.

Database Unique Identifiers throughout CMS make integration with your ERP systems straight forward.

Efficient Contacts Management

Contacts are managed from a global list, allowing contacts to be assigned to multiple customers and/or facilities.  Contacts can be updated or re-assigned by a simple one-step process.



Multiple Column Sorting and Filtering

You can easily sort and filter primary screen views (i.e. customers, work order, assets and so forth.), according to what information you would like displayed. User configurable row highlighting makes it easy to identify items of interest. Multiple individually configured views can be saved for easy access.


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Vendor Accreditation

For organizations that utilize outside vendors, CMS can easily categorize vendors by the type of services they are accredited to provide and configure the system to restrict outsourcing of calibration work to qualified vendors, based on accreditation type.

Multi Tiered Object Architecture:

CMS data structure enables users to modify data at multiple levels, ranging from changes at the system or equipment class levels to granular changes at the asset or work order level. This enables users to easily manage data by assigning it at the level with the greatest impact, while allowing the flexibility to make specific changes to one asset or one work order.

Workflow Management

Comprehensive work-flow management functions simplify all aspects of laboratory operations. The receiving function is built for efficiency and is barcode enabled, making the process simple and efficient. Multiple assets can be received into the system by simply scanning the barcode or entering the asset’s IDs (or multiple other unique asset identifiers). CMS will segregate the assets by customer and flag assets that fail validation, such as new assets or assets that already have an open work order.  Items that fail validation can be managed and processed into the system directly from the receiving screen.


The CMS work order manager provides users with a comprehensive set of tools that will take your laboratory operation to the next level of performance and efficiency. The functions available from the work order manager form are all permission based and operate as a visual indicator list with icons that are displayed when action is required or an item is on hold. Highlight indicators, which can be set to any color and font, allow users to easily identify overdue or priority items. Users have an instant window into their entire operation with tools that enable them to assign work, balance workload by technician or laboratory, update work order status and communicate via email with customers and technicians. CMS’s custom views feature enable users to quickly filter information and identify items of interest.

Flexibility, Security, Integration

CMS is fully integrated with other METBENCH modules; from the CMS work order manager, users can navigate directly to an asset’s assigned MPS datasheet and run the procedure at the touch of a button. Historical calibration records are permanently linked within METBENCH in all three modules, so that the calibration is connected to the test point data and the standards used in a permanent, controlled record.  Each record is protected with METBENCH security and robust audit trails that identify each time a calibration record is edited, along with the delta between the new and old versions of the records, with a username and date/time stamp. Tiered access permissions and security meets 21 CFR Part 11. Every aspect of METBENCH has been designed to help your organization comply with the requirements of an increasingly demanding quality environment.

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