Available 1st Quarter 2019


The METBENCH Asset Management System (AMS) is a web-based enterprise solution for tracking and maintaining asset and tool information. With an intuitive interface and easy to use features, you can quickly track asset status, location, usage, transaction history and on-hand availability.

AMS features tool check-in/check-out capability combined with simple and efficient ways to locate the tools you need for your job. Transactions are run through a customizable validation process to manage check-out permissions and ensure correct tools assignment. AMS features a multi-tier tool crib/bin structure that provides enhanced flexibility for organizing tools and allows easy transfers between different cribs/bins.

A detailed tracking system lets you know where your tools are, who has them, and what they are being used for. All check-out/check-in, relocation, reassignment and usage transactions are recorded in AMS, thus providing a comprehensive audit trail.

AMS provides customizable, detail and summary reports to help you manage your inventory and a comprehensive online-help system to guide you through AMS features and functionalities.

Our asset management tracking tools are integrated with CMS and MPS to provide the most advanced asset management and metrology software system available today.

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